It is available to provide service of train tickets booking and as well as domestic and international flight tickets booking. Our reservation managers will make the train tickets and flight bookings as soon as possible and hand it to you upon your arrival in Mongolia. The tickets booking cost is indicated in a table. The cost is for only one way. Ulaanbaatar destination is abbreviated as UB.



Destination Departures Cost per person
UB - Beijing, China Thursday, Saturday at 7.15a.m 135USD
UB- Hoh Hot, Inner Mongolia, China Monday, Friday at 20.00p.m 120USD
UB-Moskow, Russia Thursday, Friday, Sunday at 13.50p.m 270USD
UB-Irkutsk, Russia Everyday at 21.05p.m 100USD





Destination Departures
Cost - Economy seat
UB-Beijing Everyday with Air China and Mon.Airline 250USD
UB-Moskow Everyday with Aeroflot and Mon.Airline 650USD
UB-Berlin Thursday, Sunday with Mon.Airline 1050USD
UB-Seoul Everyday with Korean Air and Mon.Airline 800USD
UB-Dalanzadgad Everyday with Eznis & Mon.Airline 250USD
UB-Khuvsgul Everyday with Eznis & Mon.Airline 250USD
UB-Ulgii Monday, Wednesday, Friday 380USD

Should you require a transfer service, please contact us at : bluemongolia@magicnet.mn