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In Mongolia there are big mountain ranges: Khangai Mt. in central part of Mongolia, Khentii Mt. in eastern part of Mongolia, Altai Mt. in western part, and Kharkhiraa Turgen Mt. in north part of Mongolia. Also there is Darkhad depression- Siberian forest high hills, where are tepee people live and it is good place to have hiking and trekking tour.  


Tsetsee Gun Peak of Bogd Khan Mt – 1 day

Trekking Day Tour in Wild Horses Park - 1 day

Child Hiking Travel - 3 days

Hiking Tour in Khangai Mt. National Park – 12 days

Altai Mountains Hiking Travel – 15 days

Khentii Mountains Hiking Travel – 14 days

Kharkhiraa Turgen Mountains Hiking Tour – 18 days