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Blog | published: 2016-11-19
In 2016 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s staff presented ATV Tour to our active clients and adventure travelers. ATV travel was very attractive and really good fun for travelers. During this travel travelers rode atv everyday and headed to Chinggis Khan statue, 13th century cultural park, nomad family, hot and cold springs in Khentii mountain ranges, ancient historical places, Terelj national park and so on.. For travelers the most fun was to pass the herds of animals: horses, camels, sheep and goats and feel nice breeze over over the hills.. and to look for nomad family, who cooked a meal for our group. Can you imagine that one time you want to ride more further, but suddenly you feel and want to take photos of green valleys neighbored to “too big” blue sky. Riding and photographing is the exact expectation of travelers and it was very useful adrenalin maker. One atv trip was lead by female tour guide and she was happy with the new experience of riding atv. In our next atv trips we will provide travelers with male tour guides, who have more experiences and training, so they will secure the atv travel with more safety and more fun.

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