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My friends and I enjoyed my trip in Mongolia. It was nice and interesting to visit to Mongolian wide steppe area and meet nomads. The trip was planned very well. Thank you for your all care.

~ Femke and Maria, Holland
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Mongolian present territory of Gobi desert is the real example to show the history and story of our planet and its’ flora and fauna. The ancient ocean bottom areas, ancient volcanoes, ancient animals fossils, petrified wood and plants, dinosaurs' cemetery places will show you what were happened with our planet in past millions years and what was left from that time.
Blog | published: 2018-12-04
Mongolia and Mongols can’t be described without horse and cavalry in it’s the history. Horses play a big role in a daily and national life of the Mongols, and there is a Mongolian quotation that A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without the wings. Mongolians are famous for their horses and kids’ horse riding ability. Horses are worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power and it is a part of Mongolian State symbol.
Blog | published: 2018-11-27
Blue Mongolia Travel agency will offer you the gentle domesticated camel to enjoy the riding fun. If you have a lack of time and not possible to drive or fly for the hundreds of miles and kilometers, our Mongolian tour managers will offer you service to ride a camel near by the Ulaanbaatar city.
Blog | published: 2018-09-29
Blue Mongolia Tour’s What To Do in Mongolia No3 list is refers to DRINK AIRAG. Airag is mare’s fermented milk and it is called as koumiss in russian. For Mongols, The most smart and sacred animal is the horse. Horses don't only serve at the purpose of riding, mounting, fighting and meat eating, the mare's milk also has a special status for making traditional national beverage of Mongolia.
Blog | published: 2018-08-04
SLEEP IN GERS Blue Mongolia Travel agency renames the TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN MONGOLIA in series of narration. We names the second thing to do in Mongolia is to SLEEP IN A GER.Mongolian nomads initiated and re-designed the GER (yurta in Russian language) in last many hundred years, therefore, you will feel that how this dwelling is suit for nomadic often moves.
Blog | published: 2018-07-18
1. VISIT TO NOMAD FAMILY. Blue Mongolia Tour travel agency renames the TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN MONGOLIA in series of narration. Based on our experience of being travel expert in Mongolia for last 20 years, we sort out the activity of Visiting to Nomads as the Number 1 THING TO DO IN MONGOLIA.
Blog | published: 2018-06-18
2. Gobi desert It is dry landscape with many diversities: one valley is with sand dunes, one valley is full of flaming cliffs, one valley is with rocky hills, one valley is oasis, one valley is just vast steppe, one valley is nothing except mirage, one valley is full of gazelles and wild camels and so on… The real extraordinary place of gobi is keeping lots of interesting and unique things: hundreds of cemeteries of dinosaurs, which were living 120-65 millions years ago, more than 18000 tracks of dinosaurs, which are different in sizes from 5 sm big in diameter up to 1m big. You can not see many of these tracks and fossils anywhere around the world. Big herds of camels on vast steppe pasturing in real tranquility and lizards are running around your feet and the big sun is shining above your head.
Blog | published: 2018-06-08
Most of people think that it is a big deal and too much risk to travel in Mongolia – land of savage people and land of wild nature and wild things. Some people, who have lots of travel experience, consider Mongolia as one of earth's last frontiers, a destination so far and remote that only the most experienced of travelers can get there. Indeed, they don’t know well Mongolia. So Mongolian travel expert Blue Mongolia agency suggests people to learn about it and then look at Mongolia. We believe that after 20 years Mongolia will be the travel dream destination for world tourists.
News | published: 2018-05-31
On May 19, ‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon-2018’ international marathon took place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This year the most of audience were foreign travelers and some of them really wanted to participate in it, if they knew about the marathon in advance. Therefore, Blue Mongolia Tour agency marketing department plans to propose the UB Marathon tour in next 2019 tourism season. it will be held annually on Saturday of 3rd week of May.
Blog | published: 2018-05-15
A Mongolian wrestler has set a record of lifting a camel for five minutes in Bayankhongor aimag. The record-setting event took place during a Camel Lifting Competition held among male participants of the Camel Festival, hosted by Bayanlig soum of Bayankhongor aimag
Shar Tsav Dinosaur Tracksite is located 830 km southeast of Ulaanbaatar in the Manlai soum of Umnugobi province. Travelers and tourists can reach there in 2 days and 1 night drive on paved road and earth road. Shar Tsav tracksite is located in Bayan Shireenian formation – 90 million years ago. It means some dinosaurs fossils found here is dated back to 90 millions years ago.
Blog | published: 2018-04-25
Total population in Mongolia was about 1,000 individuals (Shaller et al.,1994), but it was 500-1000 individuals according in the survey conducted in 2000 (McCarthy and Chapron, 2003). It means that Mongolia hosts about 13–22% of the estimated global snow leopard population in less than 10% of the total range of the species.
Blog | published: 2018-04-17
In April of 2018  Przewalski's wild horses inhabiting in Takhiin Tal reached 200. The Przewalski’s wild horses in Takhiin Tal or part B of the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area SPA have overcome frigid cold winter without any loss and fifty mares are expected to deliver off-spring this spring. In Khustain Nuruu National park’s wild horses’ population reaches 315. Khustain Nuruu National park is one of the main touristy places and biological research center, which is open for Mongolian and international biological experts.  
Day 5. Menen vast steppe and Khalkha Gol river basin area At 6.00a.m my hotel roommate Mrs.Narantsatsralt and me were welcome to the our tour van and we picked up our other tour campanions and headed into the feather grassland vast steppe of Menen. For a while after leaving I had some nap and I was awakened when the vehicle stopped. The driver wants “to see a horse” – (need to use nature toilet), it was just exactly the time of sunrise. Some of our group members respected and felt happy from deep of their hearts as looking at beautiful golden globe.
PART 2. Day 3. Long day visiting to Buriat Ethnic Museum & Mongol Daguur (Dauria) National Park & Exploring Gazelle herds and 3 countries’ border. Having nice breakfast with home-made buriatian toasts and nice taste sour crème from milk is a shiny part of my travel memory. This morning we visited to very nice museum and we had lots of information about Buriat ethnic group. Buriats consider that their descendants are Khoridoi general and Swan lady from sky. Therefore, we could see the monument of Swan mother in small garden of this village.
Day 1. We are now a team. When some parts of land was already covered by snow by the end of October, I joined a wonderful FAM Tour to vast steppe in east of Mongolia as sitting in Russian 4WD van. This trip purpose is to research what is the possibility of tourist products in Dornod province and what is the ability and facility to serve for our guests.
Blog | published: 2018-03-12
A monstrous, meat-eating flying reptile that had a wingspan of a small airplane, could walk on all fours and stalked its prey on land has been found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Fortunately for us humans, who would have made for a delightful midday snack, this pterosaur is dead.
Blog | published: 2017-05-16
Why Mongolia and China countries do not get along as a single country is their culture, the way they lead their lifestyle and their mindsets that share very little in common leaving the Great Wall as a token of the fine line between them. The Mongolian Empire after Genghis separated into four major khanates, and Yuan was one of it. King Khublai adapted the Chinese bureaucratic system and reserved Chinese culture throughout the dynasty while using Chinese scholars for most of the governmental positions, and this is why Yuan is considered a Chinese dynasty ran by Mongolian nobles and royalties, instead of another traditional Mongolian-nomadic khanate. China is more like a civilization entity rather than a state or a nation, since the history of China is written by different cultural and ethnicity groups competing for the throne.
Blog | published: 2017-05-03
Did dinosaurs flirt? It seems incredible to imagine, but the answer seems to be yes, at least in the case of the oviraptor, a small theropod dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous Period (about 75 million years ago). New research reveals that oviraptors may have waved their flexible tail feathers to attract potential mates, in a way that resembles the habits of a modern-day peacock.
Blog | published: 2017-04-05
Great Mongolian Empire territory exists from Hungary and Poland in the west, close to Medina and Mekka and almost north part of India in south west, some part of Burma in the south, until the coast of Pacific ocean in the east and half part of Siberia in the north. This Mongolian big territory were provided with travel & post stations in distance of 20-30 km and travelers, tourists and merchants were traveling free on the roads, specially, economy is flourishing along the silk road and its neighboring towns and villages. Mongolian Empire existed between 1206 and 1380 as making some Dynasties: Yuan Dynasty (present China and Indochina countires), Golden Horde (Central asia and Russia, Ukraine), IL Khanate (Turkey, India and Persian countries). There Mongolian Lords were living and leading the country as keeping Mongolian tradition, specially for government building, state meeting, state official ceremonies.
Blog | published: 2017-03-23
To hear the Romans tell it, the arrival of Huns at the empire's border was an unmitigated catastrophe. “The Huns in multitude break forth with might and wrath … spreading dismay and loss,” read a poem engraved on a wall in ancient Constantinople. “And naught but loss of life and breath their course shall ever stay.” The nomadic Huns, who ranged across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, were called “treacherous,” “scarcely human,” “the scourge of all lands.” Historical accounts, many of them written long after the wars with the Huns were over, blamed them for the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages that followed. It's certainly true that the Huns' military campaign cut the Roman Empire to its core. But Susanne Hakenbeck, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge, was suspicious of accounts by the bitter losers.
Blog | published: 2017-03-11
Starting from 1,June 2017 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s tour managers add a sightseeing route of Khavtsgait rock paintings into south gobi desert tour program. The rock paintings are discovered by local people in many centuries ago, but it was recently recognized and studied by archaeological study students and it is becoming the tourists attraction in gobi desert area.
Blog | published: 2017-01-15
Each year Blue Mongolia agency’s tour department enriches our fund of tour programs with 1 new program. In 2017 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s staff offers ART tour to our clients and travelers. At the end of the trip travelers will have one acclimatization day and they can take painting fun in open air. What type of painting he/she wants to draw is up to him/her.
Blog | published: 2016-11-19
In 2016 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s staff presented ATV Tour to our active clients and adventure travelers. ATV travel was very attractive and really good fun for travelers. During this travel travelers rode atv everyday and headed to Chinggis Khan statue, 13th century cultural park, nomad family, hot and cold springs in Khentii mountain ranges, ancient historical places, Terelj national park and so on..
Blog | published: 2015-12-15
In 2015 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s staff offers SHAMANISM TRAVEL to our clients and travelers. Mongolian nomads’ daily activities and their tradition is related to shamanism activities and philosophy, so our tour staff considered the introductions of shamanism culture to travelers as a part of Mongolian travel products.
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