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Blog | published: 2017-01-15
Each year Blue Mongolia agency’s tour department enriches our fund of tour programs with 1 new program. In 2017 Blue Mongolia Tour agency’s staff offers ART tour to our clients and travelers. At the end of the trip travelers will have one acclimatization day and they can take painting fun in open air. What type of painting he/she wants to draw is up to him/her. The Mongolian splashed and dripped art painter Mr.Batjargal will join with them and share his time and ideas about paintings in open air. Painter Batjargal has own idea and philosophy of that what you are doing in open air as connecting with the blue sky, green land and feeling fresh air tells you what you think and how you feel. The art work or painting made in open air has much energy from nature and space to save you and make you feel happy.

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