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Blog | published: 2017-04-05
Great Mongolian Empire territory exists from Hungary and Poland in the west, close to Medina and Mekka and almost north part of India in south west, some part of Burma in the south, until the coast of Pacific ocean in the east and half part of Siberia in the north. This Mongolian big territory were provided with travel & post stations in distance of 20-30 km and travelers, tourists and merchants were traveling free on the roads, specially, economy is flourishing along the silk road and its neighboring towns and villages. Mongolian Empire existed between 1206 and 1380 as making some Dynasties: Yuan Dynasty (present China and Indochina countires), Golden Horde (Central asia and Russia, Ukraine), IL Khanate (Turkey, India and Persian countries). There Mongolian Lords were living and leading the country as keeping Mongolian tradition, specially for government building, state meeting, state official ceremonies. Mongols have kept a tradition to make a State Ceremony for Mongolian State Nine White Banners until today. State Nine White banners symbolizes the peace, stability, majesty of the Mongolian state. Photo #1. Ancient Mongolian cavalry representatives are making banner worship and respect ceremony. The photo was painted in Persian book “Babur Namae” by 14the century. Photo #2. Present Mongolian State Soldiers are respecting State Banners. In present time State White 9 Banners are kept in Mongolian Government Building and during the Naadam Nationwide Holiday annually 11-12,July the State 9 banners are carried out the government house to stadium hall, where local mongols, foreign countries’ state visitors, travelers, tourists and local people from every corner of Mongolia are audience for nationwide festival. Naadam is the best and highlighted tourism season in Mongolia.

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