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In countryside, it is very hard to find out your favorite dried fruit, choco bars, peppermint or so on.. For long way to drive on, it is suggested to pack this kind of things in your hand bag....

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Let us say that we had a fantastic trip. It was even better than we had hoped for. We want to thank you for all of your help in planning the trip and making sure that all of the details were taken care of for us. Thank you. Guide Altai and driver Ganbaa are excellent. You are the best!

~ Lisa and Tom, USA


1. Ulaanbaatar Capital City
2. Khara Khorum - Capital of Mongolian Empire
3. Khangain Nuruu National Park
4. Terelj National Park
5. Chinggis Khan's Statue on Tsonjin Boldog Hill
6. 13 Century Cultural Park
7. Khorgo Volcano -Terkh Lake National Park
8. Khustain Nuruu - Wild Horses National Park
9. Bogd Khan Mt - Manzushir Monastery Ruins
10. Arkhangai Province - Tsenher Hot Spring
11. Otgontenger Sacred Mountain Park




How to get:by jeep: 120 kms and 2 hours

At the beginning of 1990 Holland experts took 10 wild horses “takhi” to make re-acclimatized in its own native steppe. They chose the Khustai remarkable semi-steppe place, which is located very close to sand dunes and river, and established Khustai national park for re-acclimatizing wild horses.

At the first time 10 wild horses were taken from Holland zoo into the place, later 12 horses were taken in 1994. In nowadays, there are more than 120 wild horses are re-acclimatizing in 13 enclosures. Mongolian and Holland parties established local small museum “Wild Horse”, that exhibits the interesting nice collections of stuffed wild horses, wolves and other rare plants samples. The local museum gives detailed information about wild horses and this national park area's peculiarity.

Takhi wild horses

Before 1930-ies wild horses “Takhi” herds are inhabiting in Mongolian vast grassland steppe. Russian Dr.Przevalskii found this specie of wild horse firstly in Asian steppe. Therefore, the horses are called Przevalskii wild horses in the science terminology. Actually, the yellowish-red colored horse herds do not belong to anyone and they never join domesticated horses. In very short time they were endangered, eventually, it was exterminated completely.





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